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Which Documents to Keep

Organizing your Financial Life

If you feel the need to do some spring cleaning, make sure to include paper and digital files, too!

It can add to your feeling of satisfaction, to know that if someone had to step in and take over tomorrow, they would find a streamlined and organized situation!  Not to mention, make it easier for you to find things and get rid of clutter!

To make things easier we are including a checklist of documents.  Some documents  can be discarded annually, others in 3 or 5 years and still yet others should be kept permanently or at least until there is a significant change.

What to Keep Permanently

Keep all of your permanent documents in a safe place physically and digitally.  If they are paper store them in a waterproof, fireproof, childproof and locked safe or a safety deposit box.  Permanent documents include

  • Mortgage deeds for properties owned and receipts for improvements made
  • Car titles, bills of sale
  • Marriage License/divorce papers
  • Social Security cards
  • Passports
  • Estate planning documents
  • Citizenship papers, birth certificates
  • Immunization records
  • HSA receipts

Other Documents

Documents like tax returns, financial statements, medical statements and insurance policies have differing  holding requirements.  If they are not periodically disposed of, they do take up an extraordinary amount of space!  Most financial institutions, insurance companies and medical providers have online portals where one can download and print a statement or bill if needed.  It is a good idea to keep these portals,  and sign-on credentials in a central password keeper for future reference.  Please review the checklist for specific requirements.

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