Eldercare Planning

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Are you noticing some memory lapses or other cognitive red flags in one or both of your parents?   

The reality is many elders suffer diminished financial capacity as well as other cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's and/or dementia. This puts them at risk for poor decision-making as well as financial exploitation. 

Consequently, many of us will be called upon to help our elders with their physical, mental or financial care. Providing this care will be in addition to all of our other responsibilities. Each situation is unique to that individual. There is not a "one size fits most handbook". 
You are not alone. We help our clients work through gathering information, obtaining legal permissions and designing plans for your parents' financial well-being. Our checklist is a great starting point. We also provide resources from experts in elder care to home rehab for seniors. Most importantly, we are there to listen and help you help your family.

Yes, I'm ready to talk about eldercare planning.