Investment Management is a science, an art, and a practice as articulated by David Booth, Founder and Chairman of Dimensional Funds. It requires knowledge, training, experience and discipline. Mosaicfi takes a long term approach knowing that focusing on what we can control, strategy and execution will, in the long run, return better results. Our investment management practice starts with knowing the risk appetite and financial objectives of each client and designing the proper asset allocation.

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Investment Management

what we do

asset allocation
Developing your asset allocation incorporates the information we learn through the planning process. This will help determine how the portfolio gets allocated among different asset classes and sub-segments of the markets. We consider the desired overall level of risk for the portfolio, income needs, tax-efficiency, and keeping expenses to a minimum.

​Academic research* shows that asset allocation determines 90% of an investor’s market returns. That is our focus and is the most important investment decision we can make for our clients. We invest to maximize growth for a level of risk that is appropriate for each client.

Investment selection
Gaining diversified exposure to various markets is an important element of managing the risk in a portfolio. We use providers of enhanced passive and selective active investment strategies through mutual funds and ETFs.

We include social and sustainably responsible investments for clients who believe this should be a priority. An important factor to optimizing the returns of a portfolio is keeping underlying expenses low; this is an important consideration for us when making investment decisions.

portfolio construction

*Gary, Brinson, Brian D. Singer, and Gilbert L. Beebower, Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update, The Financial Analysts Journal, 47, 3 (1991)

Nobody can predict how the markets will behave. We focus on the things we can control- which is understanding a client’s unique set of circumstances and then determining a strategic investment strategy that is well suited for that client.

We then decide on a time-horizon for getting each client invested. We do not try to ‘time’ the market or predict short-term movements. We are long-term investors with the knowledge that markets will provide positive returns over time.

Diversified portfolios require consistent rebalancing as markets move in order to maintain the risk/reward strategy of the portfolio. We provide a disciplined approach to investing that allows for “buying low/selling high” over time. We monitor each client’s portfolio to implement a tax-efficient rebalancing program that consistently adjusts the portfolio as the markets fluctuate.

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