You talk. We listen. We all have good intentions but find that life intrudes and we never get our finances organized or our money properly invested. Sometimes we are ready to enlist help and then realize we are not quite sure who to call or who we can trust.

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Investment Management is a science, an art, and a practice as articulated by David Booth, Founder and Chairman of Dimensional Funds. It requires knowledge, training, experience and discipline. Mosaicfi takes a long term approach knowing that focusing on what we can control, strategy and execution will, in the long run, return better results. Our investment management practice starts with knowing the risk appetite and financial objectives of each client and designing the proper asset allocation.

Mosaicfi is a fee only fiduciary. That means your interests come first. It also means our interests are aligned with yours. Our compensation comes from the fees we earn on the amount we invest for you. Our investment selections are unbiased and we primarily utilize low cost fund managers. If markets go down, our fees go down as well, and visa versa.

Investment Management

Financial Planning

Our financial planning process is fluid and adapts as your life changes. It begins with an in-depth review of where you are in life, your current and long term objectives, and a thorough analysis of your finances. We will ask you many questions, some of which might surprise you.  

Our goal is to provide you with objective, candid, and thoughtful planning advice. Compensation for our services is project-based for those clients who do not plan to engage Mosaicfi for ongoing investment management services. For clients who engage Mosaicfi for investment management, financial planning is included in the fee.

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