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retirement planning

Although many consider retirement to be the end of working, that is often not true. A good number of our clients continue to work in some capacity. However, they are no longer dependent on earning a "living" from work and have more flexibility to define what work is and how it fits their unique needs. Many questions weigh on the minds of future and current retirees including:

Mosaicfi provides all of our pre-retiree and retiree clients with a financial planning process designed to answer all of these questions and more. It is an ongoing methodology that combines technology, forecasting and candid conversations with clients as their lives change over time.
When is the best time to design your retirement lifestyle plan? We believe a runway of at least five years before retiring is ideal. That allows clients more time to re-imagine their lifestyles and implement changes. Transitions are better when they are gradual.

When should I take Social Security?
Which account do I tap for income first?
What can I afford to spend?
How should I invest my funds?
Will I outlive my money?
What health insurance options do I have?

Yes, I'm ready to talk about retirement planning.